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Vineya’s online interpreter request and management system is fast and easy to use.

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With over 1,900 certified ASL interpreters to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. With video, there are no boundaries.

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Getting an interpreter on Vineya is almost always cheaper than working with an agency.

What is Vineya?

We built Vineya to ensure that every deaf person has access to quality, affordable sign language interpreting. Vineya brings together providers, deaf individuals, and interpreters to create an easy way to find and schedule ASL Interpreters.

With Vineya, you can.

With Vineya, you can create an ASL interpreting experience in ways not available anywhere else. There’s never been a more flexible and powerful way to work with our community of American Sign Language interpreters.

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Every Vineya interpreter is nationally certified by organizations like the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, so you don’t have to worry about quality. Just find the best fit for yourself.

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Need more than one interpreter? Feel more comfortable with a male or female? Live or video? With Vineya, you can tailor your interpreting request so you get exactly what you ask for every time.

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Be known as the business that provides quality interpreting services every single time. Empower your patients or clients to choose their interpreter.

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Paperless invoicing means online access to all of your assignments at any time combined with the ease of online payment.

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Whether you are an interpreter or you are looking to hire one, using Vineya is easy.

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