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We are building a world where communication is truly accessible.

With over 40 years of experience, CSD has been a consumer and a provider of interpreting services. We’re excited to show you how Vineya is going to elevate your experience – and ours.

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Vineya is Inspired By Martha’s Vineyard

Our lighthouse logo represents Martha’s Vineyard and the large community of deaf people that once called it home. Martha’s Vineyard used to be a place where deaf and hearing people communicated freely. Learning how to sign was understood to be a basic life skill, necessary for living there. How else were you supposed to talk to your neighbors?

To us, Martha’s Vineyard isn’t just a place; it’s an aspiration. We know that we can create a world where everyone has the ability to freely communicate – that’s why we created Vineya.

Watch the video with Patrick Graybill as he shares more about our inspiring take on the link between Vineya and Martha’s Vineyard.

Vineya Values

Our goal is to make sure that every deaf person has access to a sign language interpreter, no matter where they are located.

Optimized Fulfillment Rate

Every request from every customer matters.

Quality Matters

Certification is the absolute floor. Interpreters should be matched to each situation.

Choose Your Interpreter

Customers should be able to decide who they want.

Simple & Intuitive

All parties should be able to quickly get what they need.

Transparent Pricing

Empower customer and user to make informed decisions.

All Parties Value Communication

Feedback drives professional development.

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Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc

Founded in 1975, Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating technologies and services that benefit deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Learn more at

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