There’s a better way to do interpreting, we’re building the technology to support this vision.

The state of the interpreting profession can be transformed when it is driven by consumers’ needs. Agencies can cultivate trust and create authentic experiences. Through this philosophy, a powerful communication experience that benefits everyone involved in the process is created.

And it starts with the guiding principles and core values we are passionate about at Vineya.

Our values

Deaf Lens

The Deaf lens informs and inspires everything we do.


Our consumer-centric philosophy shapes the communication experience of the future.


We must rise above and beyond certification – every consumer deserves the right interpreter.


The consumer and interpreter’s collaboration determines their mutual success, and systems must nurture the consumer and interpreter’s symbiotic relationship.


Agencies are crucial to transforming the communication experience to one that prioritizes the Deaf perspective.


Professional sign language interpreters should be available – anytime, anywhere.

Our Inspiration

When we think of Vineya,
we think of the lives we change.

Our commitment to innovation has inspired technologies and services benefitting the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. That’s the way it’s been at Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD), our parent organization, since 1975.

Meet our team

Sonny Wasilowski

Sonny Wasilowski

Account Manager
Brandon Dopf

Brandon Dopf

Product Manager

Let’s build our vision together.

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