Vineya for Agencies: Let's build this together.

Vineya for Agencies

Let’s build this together.

Vineya isn’t just software; it’s a day-to-day solution for your agency. Together we can create a new era of communication access.

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Create a new era in communication access with Vineya

Exceed expectations. Access a nationwide pool of interpreters. Increase efficiency and enable choice. Go Vineya!


Enhance communication access. Put the power into the hands of your customers by allowing them to request their own interpreter.


Access built-in video interpreting software and a nationwide pool of certified interpreters to promote new opportunities.


Scheduling, reporting and contacting interpreters is easier than ever before with on-the-go mobile capabilities.


Satisfy all of your clients. Stay on top of interpreting requests and reporting needs. Increase fulfillment rates by offering onsite or video interpreting.

How Does Vineya Work?


Innovative technology meets the art of scheduling. Revolutionize your consumer’s communication access experience while accelerating your growth.


Ideal for healthcare providers, nonprofits and government agencies, Vineya lets businesses work with their preferred agency for increased transparency and direct communication with interpreters.


Vineya provides a platform to connect with skilled, certified interpreters. With smart scheduling, that takes into account rates and availability, everyone wins. Happy interpreters equal happy clients.

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Contact us to talk more about streamlining your interpreting needs while at the same time accelerating your agency growth.

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Easy Reporting

Outstanding reporting features.

Job Automation

Automated handling for standard jobs.

Video Interpreting Platform

Video interpreting available at the click of a button.

Automatic Reminders

System-generated notifications and reminders for jobs, certifications, licenses, etc.

Reliable Customer Support

Allow customers to submit requests and choose which interpreters they prefer.

Enhanced Communication

In-App Messaging.

Preferred Interpreters

Use your preferred interpreters and communicate directly with them.


Vineya works with most operating systems and devices.