Grow your business by strengthening your partnership with the Deaf community and business clients.

Let’s reshape the future of interpreting together.

Vineya is more than an intuitive, integrated solution to manage and coordinate scheduling.

Comprehensive Agency Solutions

A one-stop shop for essential agency services, including customer support, scheduling and training.

In-house Product Development Team

Communication is dynamic. We get it. That’s why our in-house software developers build innovative new features, all inspired with Deaf lenses, to meet your agency's needs.

Accessible Anywhere

Easily access all information you need from computers, an iOS app, and mobile devices.

Simple and Intuitive Design

When it comes to platform navigation, simplicity is essential. This is why we built a seamless and intuitive scheduling request process to support agencies.

Nation-Wide Network of Interpreters

Vineya interpreters can connect with your agency, allowing you to more efficiently meet the demand for interpreting services.

Innovative Scheduling

We innovate features to better support the scheduling process. For instance, with access to rate information for clients and interpreters, schedulers can determine the profitability for each job.

Video Remote Interpreting

Our built-in VRI platform of superior quality allows your interpreters to conveniently work from home or anywhere.

Dedicated Portals

Provide your customers with access to a dedicated, secure portal to submit and review interpreting requests.

Multi-Level Access

With multi-level access, you can protect sensitive or confidential data stored in Vineya.

Our Commitment to Partnership

We work with our partners to change the interpreting experience, together.

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