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Vineya for Businesses

Vineya is the optimal way to schedule interpreters.

Empower your deaf customers and employees. Enable them to request a certified ASL interpreter while you easily keep track of rates and reports.

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Customized Solutions for Businesses

Ideal for nonprofits, banks, health providers, and government agencies

Branded Dashboard

Access your own company dashboard; allow identified users you want scheduling privileges.

Easy-To-Understand Process

Customers and employees can easily request their own interpreters.

Rate Cap

Set your own rates – and know exactly how much you’ll pay, every time.

Qualified Interpreters

Set up your dashboard with specific certification and mileage requirements; let Vineya filter it for you

Onsite or Video Remote Interpreting

Choose between onsite and video remote interpreting — depending on what’s appropriate.

Customized Reporting

Get the information you need. Easily run reports.

Choice is a Good Thing

Empower your deaf customers and employees by letting them choose their preferred interpreters. Choose between video and onsite interpreting. Decide which interpreter best fits your needs by looking through interpreter profiles.

Empower Deaf Individuals

Choose video remote interpreting or on-site – and decide which specific interpreter best fits your deaf individual needs by looking through the interpreter profiles. At the same time, effectively monitor interpreting cost.

Ready to Go Vineya?

Contact us to talk more about streamlining your interpreting needs and empowering your deaf employees. We can help you figure out which agency works best for you.

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Why Vineya for Business?

Control Costs

Set your rate cap and you’ll always know how much you’re going to pay.

Save Time

Streamlined scheduling saves your employees time and keeps productivity high.

Process Transparency

Easily run customized reports to help you stay on top of interpreting costs.


Find qualified, certified ASL interpreters for onsite and video interpreting.


Choose your own interpreter; decide whether or not onsite or video interpreting works for you.


Interpreter not up to your standards? Your feedback helps improve the level of service in the future.